Minimalist Family Camping


Minimalist Family Camping

How to replace screen time with wild time

Are you exhausted by the thought of camping with kids?

Has your gear got the better of you? Would you rather stay home
than face the packing frenzy for a short family camping trip?

Your journey from over-packed estate car to grab-’n'-go easy camping kit starts here.

Let's get our children outdoors more often and more easily. So leave the lanterns,
chuck out the chairs, kiss goodbye to the gadgets and lets go Mini Camping.

The Idea

What is minimalist family camping and why it will change your life.

Mini Gear

The lightest, smallest and most useful camping kit you will need.

Mini Adventures

Find out about our outdoor adventures with less stuff and more fun.

Mini Treats

How to add sparkle and luxury to your micro camping experience.

By buying less, packing light, downsizing equipment, choosing compact camping gear and following some minimalist hacks, the process of getting kids outdoors on overnight wild adventures can be simple and stress-free, and with less impact on the planet.

With just a small car and little expense or planning, minimalist family camping is so quick and easy your family really can swap screen time for wild time.

The Principles

Pack Small

Tiny but mighty compact kit

Pack Light

Your family's essentials for warmth, sleep, joy

Pack Fast

Create your grab'n'go camping kit

Pack Once

Be ready for the camping season

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Camping in the garden

A family micro adventure is easily found in your own back garden, and is the perfect way to quickly swap screen time for wild time!

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