Minimalist Family Camping


Hello, I’m Briony, a freelance designer, sea swimmer and mother-on-a-mission to get her family outdoors more often and more easily. I live by the beach in Bournemouth, England, but spend far too much time sat at a desk working. 


I have a 12 year-old autistic son who would watch TV all day if allowed (while playing Minecraft on a tablet and clutching a remote control) and a 9 year-old daughter who loves dancing, forests and drawing.


As a parent, my life sometimes feels like an endless to-do list of work, school runs, appointments, play dates, and chores… which doesn’t leave much time for fun with my children. 


My own childhood holidays were spent camping in a giant orange canvas tent, which filled the car, and took three hours to pitch. We slept on an old roll of actual carpet and ate flavoured packet rice for tea. I was a girl-guide and went on guide camps, where I learnt how to make washing-up stands and towel rails out of sticks (bet they didn’t learn that in the scouts!) . Later, I went to Glastonbury Festival a lot. 


A year spent living on a yacht in Croatia, with few possessions, felt beautifully liberating. That escape from society, our desire for stuff and status, gave me a taste for it. 


My home is surrounded by great camping sites, yet I used to find myself staying in at the weekends watching X-Factorwith my family because the very idea of camping seemed like a lot of hard work for just one or two nights. 


Not any more. Now we go Mini Camping.