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Book Review: The Hungry Camper

This small but mighty cook book is packed with 200 recipes to cook and eat outdoors. Not only does the food look absolutely delicious, it is also simple to prepare and many recipes only require a handful of ingredients. It’s full of great ideas to glamp-up your camp food and try something yummy and new.

My favourite feature is the preparation and cooking time for every recipe, making it easy to identify the quickest and easiest meals. This book is nicely designed and clearly laid out with easy-to-follow instructions (that’s the book designer in me talking! – my day job).

As a minimalist camper I like to do things simply, so the ‘Quick and Easy’ and ‘One Pot’ sections really appeal to me. I am can’t wait to try the Creamy Scallops with Leeks (10 mins cooking time), Lemon Prawns and Broccoli Stirfry (15 mins cooking time), or Chorizo with Lentils and Red Wine (40 mins cooking time).

I can see some of the meals with longer cooking times becoming family favourites to cook at home, such as the Beef, Pumpkin and Ginger Stew or Pork Goulash with Caraway Dumplings.

Loved their idea of pre-cooking pasta at home and bringing it in sandwich bag to save cooking time and hassle at the campsite.

With great ideas for breakfasts, barbecues, sides, sauces, snacks and sweets this is the perfect compact recipe book for anyone who is preparing food on a basic stove or campfire, including campers, micro-adventurers and vancationers.

Price: £7.99

Published by Spruce

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