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Freedom Trail Lazi Bed Review

What they don’t tell you on the instructions is that when you inflate this air-filled sofa you will instantly be mobbed by kids. As soon as they saw the Lazi Bed being filled, our children came running from the distant corners of the campsite to leap all over it. They had a wonderful time and it survived in tact despite the rough and tumble.

When I did finally get a chance to try it I found the Lazi Bed was extremely comfortable to lie on, quite amusing to try and sit upright on and the easiest way to get off it is to roll. It isn’t dignified but it was a lot of fun and so nice to relax on. Here I am lounging with my son in the Dorset sunshine.

Ease of use: There is a knack to inflating it which takes a little practise (basically running up and down in a straight line like an idiot for 2 minutes, opening and closing the ‘mouth’ to trap air inside it, then just twisting the end over and clipping it shut). Once you know how its really very simple, and deflating/rolling it back up takes seconds.

I chose to take this instead of a standard folding chair, its about a third of the size of a chair when rolled up so saves a lot of boot space yet can seat 3 adults. It can’t be used too close to the campfires as a rogue ember would pop it, so we just used this during the day. Great for lounging on!

It was a hit with all the adults and children on our camping trip and now everyone else wants one too.

Pros: Very quick to inflate, comfortable to relax on, a lot of fun, and folds down really small.

Cons: There is a risk of the Lazi Bed blowing away as its so light, so it either needs someone sat on it or something heavy on it to keep it still. It gradually deflated slightly over time so needed more air after about an air.

Price: £15.00 from Go Outdoors

Resilient 210T Polyester Outer with Inner PVC inflatable Bladder

Size: 170cm x 85cm (Dependent on inflation level)

Weight: 800grms

Max Load: 200kg

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