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So, you’re convinced! Ready to gather your minimalist camping kit, turn off your tech, leave your fear at home and and get out there. Now what? Check out these blogs to discover your first steps. Subscribe to our mailing list below to receive a free copy of our packing list.

How to organise your tent: the 3 Box System

Many campers have their own system for storing and managing their gear. We have a large (Primark) bag for all our sleeping bags, mats and compact chairs, and the simple ‘3 Box System’ for virtually everything else. We prepare this at the start of the camping season and leave it packed all year, ready to be thrown in the car at a moments notice. It holds all our cooking/eating equipment, plus tiny toys, treats and extra small bits of kit. Equipment 3 x large plastic tubs (with lids) of the same size which stack inside each other. Method Tub 1: Is carefully packed with all our cooking gear and extra bits n bobs (see below for contents). Tub 2: is

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How to keep kids warm at night when camping in the UK

Keeping warm at night is top priority for our family when camping. If the kids get cold they will wake up and we’ll all have a bad night. So what is the best way to keep them cosy in a tent without packing heaps of bedding? I used to bring piles of spare duvets and blankets but they completely filled our car and took time sorting and washing when we got back. On my mission to camp with less stuff and less stress I’ve realised this was a major packing nightmare for me and one problem I was determined to solve. By changing what we sleep on and what we wear I have dumped all the spare bedding and found

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Easy family camping meals in 5 minutes

Feeding a family from a field can be challenging, particularly if you have very young children with you. A hungry toddler crying for food just can’t wait for the bbq coals to heat up, and you may wish for an instant meal to stop the tears and get your tiny buddy from hangry to happy again. This is a stress-free way to cook a family camping meal with minimum fuss and just three ingredients in one pot. Keeping your eye on roving toddlers in an open space while you’re trying to prepare food for them is also pretty tricky, particularly if you are the only adult, and not to mention keeping them away from the dangers of a hot stove.

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5 brilliant tips to downsize your camping equipment and easily pack your car

Have you ever played ‘car tetris’? Squeezing every item of camping gear into your vehicle can take hours and be horribly stressful. But there is an easier way to go family camping, and I’m not suggesting a roof box or trailer. You can just take smaller stuff, and less of it, without compromising on warmth, comfort or convenience. Our small car and tiny tent for two adults and two children touring in France. Here are my top tips: 1. Don’t take piles of extra bedding To keep warm at night each person just needs a sleeping bag, insulated self-inflating mattress, thermal underwear and a hat. If you get cold add another layer of clothes. Or put a foil emergency blanket

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Camping – what are we so afraid of?

Why do we bring so much stuff with us when we camp? After speaking to many campers and reflecting on my own experience I think it comes down to one thing – fear. Leaving the safety of our homes and venturing out into the darkness, without a well-stocked frige, wifi and a locked front door leaves us feeling vulnerable and we worry. We worry about being cold and hungry. We worry about our children being bored and squabbling. We worry that if we are cold, hungry and tired our family won’t get along, maybe we will argue and ‘ruin’ the trip. What if a child gets lost or injured? We deal with this worry by bringing every possible thing we

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How to prep your grab-n-go family camping kit

The clocks have changed, winter darkness is rapidly disappearing and our thoughts are wondering outside again at last. Long summer evenings are suddenly coming our way so lets be ready to seize them with both hands and get out there! If your camping kit has been lingering in a shed or attic for the past few months, now is the time to dig it out, dust it off and quickly get packed up ready for a season of easy stress-free camping fun. 1. Gather – dig out your list and gather all your camping kit together to inspect. 2. Assess – How big is your pile of camping gear? Will it fit happily in the boot of your car? Just

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Family camping meals.. delightful or disastrous?

What is it about family groups cooking together on campsites that fills me with mild dread? Couldn’t my next camping trip with extended family have the potential to be like a scene from an italian movie? Generations gathered around long picnic tables, dining under the stars with platters laden with delicious treats, glasses chinking, candles twinkling, smiles and laughter for hours as the sun gently sets. The children giggling quietly in their seats and everyone having a marvellous time… or could it? In reality, I know some of the children in our group have great anxiety over food. As parents, my sisters and I all have different approaches to how strict we are with our kids at mealtimes. Within our

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Sustainable camping ideas

Did your camping gear survive the summer holidays? What do you do with broken kit? What will happen to your camping equipment in 5 years time? Where will the world’s camping equipment end up? At the end of school holidays, thousands of busy families will be putting away their camping kit, ready to get back to the 9 to 5 and school runs. New shoes will be bought, school dinners ordered and winter coats tried on for size. Did you get a chance to go camping this summer? I hope you found time to squeeze in at least one night under the stars with your family, and that you got the amazing weather. Did you have everything you needed, or

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10 simple reasons to try minimalist family camping

What’s the point of minimalist family camping? I can tell you from own experience that it is definitely possible to camp with very little gear with children, but why should you bother camping the minimalist way? 1. It’s quicker – however much stuff you like to bring along, having most of it organised at the start of the season, ready to grab’n’go at the first hint of sunshine will rapidly reduce your preparation time. 2. It’s easier – With less work to do and little planning required you’ll feel less stressed. Set up and pack is easier as there is less stuff to handle, and when you get home just chuck it all in a cupboard/shed, no need for weeks

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