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How to organise your tent: the 3 Box System

Many campers have their own system for storing and managing their gear. We have a large (Primark) bag for all our sleeping bags, mats and compact chairs, and the simple ‘3 Box System’ for virtually everything else. We prepare this at the start of the camping season and leave it packed all year, ready to be thrown in the car at a moments notice. It holds all our cooking/eating equipment, plus tiny toys, treats and extra small bits of kit.


3 x large plastic tubs (with lids) of the same size which stack inside each other.


Tub 1: Is carefully packed with all our cooking gear and extra bits n bobs (see below for contents).

Tub 2: is empty for the journey to the campsite then used for storing everyone’s shoes in the tent (so handy if its muddy)

Tub 3: is empty for the journey to the campsite then used for storing food when we have bought it at our destination. (I only bring one meal with me)

Stack these inside each other for the car journey.

It’s stressful having stuff all over the place in the tent, and if the tent is small then keeping everything in its place really helps. This is a very simple system, it isn’t as deluxe as a maxi camper’s tent would be but it works really well without bringing a whole array of elaborate storage equipment. Its on the ground, so easy for children to use too. I LOVE having the box for shoes, it beats have muddy kids shoes lying all over the place. The tubs can also double up as low tables. I put my chopping board on top to make a flat table.

The beauty of this is you pack it once at the start of the year and then its done, no need to be foraging madly for plates, torches and ketchup before each trip.It’s all here ready to go. Our only consumables are matches, squash and ketchup which I check occasionally. Of course I look for the smallestest bottle/pack sizes I can.

Tub 1: Contents list for family of 4


1 saucepan with lid

1 chopping bord

1 sharp knife

1 wooden spoon (small)

1 tin/bottle opener

1 corkscrew

1 bbq tongs


4 plates

4 bowls

4 spoons

4 knives

4 forks

4 cups (insulated)



squash (super concentrated)

hot chooclate sachets

10 teabags

olive oil


1 mallet

1 torch

1 head torch

insect repellent

2 pocket tissues packs (instead of toilet roll)

1 washing up liquid (very small)

2 bin liners

1 teatowel

1 jay cloth

4 clothes pegs

1 matches (smallest box)

4 sandwich bags

1 wipes (small travel pack for grubby kids after eating)

1 cleaning wipes pack (small)


playing cards

4 glow sticks

colouring book

4 pens

Its amazing how much you can fit in one tub!

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